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Many women have shared with me, that the last few years have left them feeling like they've aged. Accelerated aging is what follows an infectious disease like covid. And with the loneliness and chronic stress that came with it; a perfect storm was created to biologically age the body, destabilize the energy systems, and leave you feeling emotionally worn out.You don't have to feel that way. Click here and I'll explain how you can reclaim agility in your joints, a leaner body, firm, glowing skin, chakra balance, joy that radiates outward, and more! 




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Sedona Women's Retreat November 17, 18 & 19 2024

The vortexes of Sedona are natural energy centers that many people experience as healing and spiritual. Sedona is amidst stunning red rock formations in central Arizona, which have electromagnetic fields that can help to harmonize the human body and rejuvenate the biofield. This energy facilitates meditation, self-reflection, and emotional healing. It is in this setting that we can make the most of our time together.




Hi, I'm Loa. That's L.O.A.

as in...

‚ÄúLove One Another‚ÄĚ.


As a formally trained energy medicine practitioner; my specialty is chakra balance which when optimized improves immune function and can slow down the aging process.

A common factor of imbalance is holding emotional energy in the body. Stuck energy wreaks havoc on your face, body, and health. You don't have to carry somatized (stuck) emotion, there is a way to release it from your body and from your biofield. The wonderful news is; that when it's released and energy comes into balance, other aspects of life will too. And sometimes, it will blow your mind in the most amazing ways!


Yahoo Finance, LA Weekly, and Time News Magazine are some of the publications that have recently quoted Loa Blasucci

I help clients balance their energy system in order to cultivate wholeness, beauty, clarity, and improved immune function. 

I’ll teach you a system that walks you toward healing in the most efficient way, without wasting time and money.
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Reverse Aging
Face Fitness after just one class

Even one class brings noticeable
energy and vitality to the face as
it did here for Susan. But over time,
regular practice creates pivotal 
game-changing results.

Energy alignment
4-month period
of time

When energy centers in the
body align, all systems upgrade.
In Sandy's case, she lost 32 pounds
without intense diet restrictions. 



Total energy
body upgrade
24 - months

As the systems come together, the body gets stronger, muscles reshape themselves, and you move with more ease.

New, younger cells are produced,
and you begin to see a younger version
of yourself as it did here for Judy.


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My Purpose 

I help others release anxiety and slow their aging process; this calms our stressed-out collective. I believe passionately in reverse aging, the power of self-healing, and the impact it can have on the world as it now struggles. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other. I welcome every culture and discipline that seeks to understand themselves and heal their emotional and physical pain. I am gathering a community of kind and courageous souls who want to manage their energy, raise their vibration, and walk toward transformation. is built with proven security and privacy controls so you can send payments with confidence.
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