What Loa Offers

1:1 Call with Loa Energetic Evaluation and Consultation

Your story lives in the tissues and cells of your body. It also lives in the energy systems that run through you and around you. We pay so much attention to the shape, weight, and muscles of the body but, there is so much more to you! When your energy is out of balance, you are more open to pain, disease, anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue. You have intricate systems that can help. Your chakras, meridians, and your auric field, all need to be managed and kept in alignment, so you function and feel your best.

As an Etheric Clairvoyant, I’m here to help. And don’t get too excited–that just means I read the body and am able to help you efficiently find a problem, so you don’t waste time and money. The part that really lights me up is watching the many unexpected ways your life uplevels as you come into alignment. Let’s have a conversation.

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When energy centers are in balance, a more efficient path to healing opens up.  

Group Classes

Reverse Aging Face Yoga, The Loa Method

Tuesday 9am PST, Noon EST

Take years off your lovely face and relieve stress at the same time! This class is a fusion of face yoga to brighten, tone, and tighten your face, PT to care for your upper cervical spine—yes! this affects how your face ages, and energy medicine to help balance your systems and relieve anxiety. Just a couple of things you will need:
Class is live—45 minutes long, all done from your chair.

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Mind Body Sculpt

Friday 10am PST, Noon EST

Mind Boy Sculpt is a fusion of yoga and energy medicine with specialized breathwork and stretching to release somatized emotion from the body. We flow through a yoga format but with chakra alignment as we go along. In this class we reprogram the body for peace. Guaranteed to help you release anxiety. You will notice it after one class or your money back. You will need:

Class is live–70 minutes long

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