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What is the Heyloa Partner Program? 

➡️The Heyloa Partner Program is an opportunity for businesses and content creators like you to partner with us and earn a 20% commission on every successful referral you make
to any of our offerings.

Why Partner with Heyloa?

 Transformative Experiences: Our Sedona Women's Retreats, The Reverse Aging Masterclass and Private 1:1 Sessions offer life-changing experiences backed by science and spiritual wisdom.

Generous Commission: Earn a 20% commission on every successful referral, whether it's to our Sedona Women's Retreats priced at $1379.00, The Reverse Aging Masterclass priced at $479.00 and my Private 1:1 Sessions priced at $200.00.

• Supportive Community: Join our affiliate partnership for an innovative community dedicated to energy medicine and reverse aging, where you can connect with forward-thinking individuals and promote cutting-edge wellness solutions.

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