Don't Let Anyone Make You Feel Small

She's about to pop off with the iconic line, "Buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy night!"

Bette Davis knew how to make an entrance, I always loved her boss energy. That kind of powerful presence radiates from your third chakra (or energy center). Most actors have a strong third chakra and you can have one too. I refer to it as your “center of badassery”.

Things you can do to strengthen your third chakra:

  • Stand up straight, lift your ribs without lifting your shoulders, lengthen upward
  • Take up space with your body, avoid people who make you feel like shrinking
  • Separate proteins and starches for good digestion. Avoid foods that cause bloating, acid reflux, gas, and tummy upset
  • If there is someone who once manipulated or bullied you; in a meditation—cut the energetic cords that connect you to them. I can help you with this, reach out if you need help.
  • Practice deep breathing to release the tension in your stomach and torso

Remember, you’re amazing. Now go out there and make a great entrance!

I'm always cheering for you.

Love & health,