Did you know you can make your own filler?

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Vitamin C is an important building block of great skin. But it’s only as good as its ability to get where your body needs it. Sadly you’re absorbing a small fraction of what’s shown on the label of your Vitamin C bottle. It may read 1000mg but that’s not what you’re absorbing and if you’re lacking Vitamin C, taking collagen will have no effect because collagen needs Vitamin C to be properly assimilated.

Make sure you’re taking liposomal Vitamin C. Under a microscope, liposomes are microscopic balls of fat, that carry an inner payload of water-soluble vitamin C. Tiny enough to pass through a cell’s membrane effortlessly, they deliver this skin rejuvenation activator right where it’s needed. That’s why some call it the natural filler! Liposomes also protect the Vitamin C from digestion oxidation before it can be absorbed into your cells.

If you know me, you know how I love scientific studies. Some of my friends call it the bonus they get from hanging out with me. Notice I said “some” lol. 

A recent detailed imaging assessment revealed:

Those who took 1000mg of liposomal Vitamin C daily showed a 35% increase in skin firmness and an 8% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

And that’s at only 1000mg! Growing up a kid in the Arizona sunshine–I got pretty excited as the study went on to show where sun damage was even reversed! The evidence is overwhelming…

Liposomes are the best way to deliver Vitamin C into the skin cells.

I’m reminding you today that liposomal Vitamin C is needed to help build and maintain your collagen matrix, providing smooth, youthful-looking skin. Because when glowing skin and chakra balance come together? Well dang, the words that
come to mind are “Warrior Goddess” and “stunning”.

See you Tuesday. I love Tuesdays!

Make sure you are using a quality vitamin, there are many junk brands with great marketing out there. This is the one I take, I’ve tested it. I’m not paid for this mention, just sharing what works. Find it with the pink button below.


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