Does Face Yoga Work?

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For five months they examined 27 women, ages 40 to 65. Each woman was trained in face yoga and practiced daily for eight weeks, then for the remaining weeks of the study, they practiced every other day.

Two dermatologists reviewed the images using standardized facial aging scales and rated the age of each participant's face at 19 different points. At the beginning of the study, the average age of participants was determined at 50.8 years. By the eighth week, the average age for the photos was 49.6. At week 20, twelve weeks later the doctors placed the group's average age at 48.1. It had dropped almost three years since the start of the study!

This blew my mind and I couldn't wait to tell you about it. Our time together in class on Tuesdays is precious to me because more than lowering the age of your face--we're balancing your energy centers to improve your immune function, keeping you free of disease, and reducing inflammation to keep you feeling great!

But would I give up the glowing skin, and more toned youthful-looking face that comes with practice? Heck to the NO. You deserve that, you are beautiful and it is only right that your "loveliness light" shines bright in this world!

You're amazing. I'll see you Tuesday.

Love & health,