Navigating Hormonal Changes Through the Stages of Womanhood

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Dealing with hormonal changes?

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 It is so powerful to be able to navigate and embrace change the way a woman does. It really is mind-blowing and I feel that you deserve to be acknowledged for having come through so many phases of life. Barely scratching the surface here:

The Puberty Puzzle: The onset of adolescence kicks starts hormonal surges, physical changes and reproductive development. As hormones kick in the happy-go-lucky little girl begins her bloom into young womanhood with gangly legs, sweetness, and zits. Breasts and emotions begin to take shape-- and be sure to notice they both need special care ongoing. The little girl: "What are these bumps on my chest? Should I be scared?" Mom: "Here honey, strap on this bra and wear it for the rest of your life."

Menstrual Madness: Having a monthly period is a sign of balanced hormones but there can be moments of what feels pretty crazy and out of balance. Batten down the hatches because you may not know from month to month what's coming; mood swings, bloating, headaches, low back pain, cramps, tender breasts, and a whole lot of "just leave me alone please". It teaches a woman to care for herself and to dig deep to find grace towards others and love for herself.

Magnificent Motherhood: Pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum experiences usher in hormonal fluctuations that can make you wonder if you'll ever be the same. Conception can be exciting but get ready for the challenges of growing a human inside you. The postpartum stage showcases the true miracles a woman's body can perform. The uterus can do what no other muscle or organ can do; go from the size of a pear to the size of a watermelon, wait for it...and then BACK to the size of a pear once again! Every woman whether she's a mother or not rides the waves of shifting hormones with all the grace she can muster.

Mastering Menopause: Oh, and jot this down; you're not done changing yet! This next change is so significant--they even call it "the change". The graceful conclusion of the reproductive years brings its own set of noticeable changes at every level within the body. Understanding and embracing these shifts helps you stay grounded, feeling more and more like your true authentic self. This new chapter can cause you to miss how some things were but, if you can stay focused on the prize--there's a big payoff coming! When you put in the effort to stay in good health, you find how liberating menopause can be! You end up getting to know yourself. You no longer feel like you need to carry everyone else's (emotional and physical) "stuff" around anymore. You have a sense of autonomy that feels like a treasured gift.

No matter where you are on the journey of womanhood; I want to remind you how remarkable it all is. Allowing for the changes and embracing them makes you who you are. Your self-awareness drives the journey. Listening to your body,  noticing what you need, and providing the necessary self-care is not only how you manage your long-term health, it's how you expand your soul. It's self-love at its most fundamental level. You are so worth it. 

What do you need in this moment right now? A warm bath? A new bobble? A little dark chocolate? Well, I say go and get it because gosh dang it you've earned it.