Self Care

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My beautiful friend, how are you?

In this moment what do you need?

The real art in self care is having the awareness to know what would be most healing to you in any given moment.

Recognizing the voice that doesn't use words is a gift of your soul and listening to it is an act of self love. There may be a time when a quiet soak in a hot tub can bring you right into a state of clarity and balance. But if that's not it for today, here are a few more ideas. See if any of them float up as timely for you:

  • A good book, cup of tea, & time undisturbed
  • 20 minutes to rest with a facial or moisturizing mask on your face
  • Some time alone for meditation
  • A walk in nature
  • Creating a vision board
  • Conditioning with a foam roller, stretch bands, or trigger point ball
  • Buying a new lipstick & getting really dressed up to go out
  • Massage, whether by an MT or self applied
  • An extra half hour of sleep and waking up slowly with coffee or tea in bed
  • A pedicure
  • Adding a salt scrub to your shower or bath

I hope I sparked an idea.

Notice I didn't list coming to Tuesday class? You see, it's a given. And while yes, it is monumentally important self care, it's in its own category of; You Maintaining The Sparkling Magic Of You!

Love & health,