What's Her Problem?

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When you search images for bitch face, this comes up. Now, I in no way think this is a good example. Vivian Leigh was outrageously, exotically stunning. But any chance I get to share a pic of Scarlet--count me in. It also lets me reminisce and shamelessly boast about the time I was honored to do makeup for Olivia de Haviland, the actor who played Melanie. It was for a press conference in Salt Lake City. Blows my mind that I am old enough to have touched the face of a cast member from Gone With The Wind! I'm so grateful. She was even more kind and lovely than you would imagine. But, done bragging, I digress. You must read on--there are some things that NEED to be said (and don't miss the ending)!

I've been alive since 1958, that's well over half a century. And since I'm keeping it real here, I can say: (with my eye brows slightly raised) I have lived to see some very real shit. I've seen wars come and go, I watched the internet being born, don't get me started on fashion, hell, a few years back I wore shoulder pads the size of large cats! Over and over again I've been surprised and shocked by the evolution of our culture. But never did I ever imagine that we would come to a place where we'd use a common term such as "Bitch Face".

The idea that we have a name for a permanently stuck facial expression of anger and aggravation disturbs me to my very soul. And maybe we didn't invent it, perhaps we were the ones who gave it a name. I have photos of some of my pioneer ancestors and no doubt a couple of those chicks were sporting quintessential "resting bitch face". Pushing a hand cart across the dry desert plains with no water and all of your nice things a thousand miles behind you can do that to a gal. And I get that most of us reading this lived through 911, dealt with relationship stress, and have witnessed social injustice and felt global turbulence. I truly get it. And maybe there are even moments when having an unapproachable expression is a safety feature for a woman traveling alone, I get that too. Setting that aside;

No matter what's in our life story, we are all responsible for the energy we radiate out into the collective. The quality of that energy is articulately expressed from your face through every muscle, in an outward flow. You are literally putting out into the world--who you are and how you feel via ...drum roll...your face.

Energy and emotion are intertwined. When healing energy is allowed to move through you--it keeps you rejuvenated, feeling renewed and fresh. In order for that to happen, the emotion that drives your energy has to be managed. We each find our own joy, make peace with our past, and heal ourselves. We are the ones creating change and expressing it with our faces.

It is my life's purpose to help rid the world of the tortured expression we call Bitch face. We practice the steps every Tuesday. And today I'm reminding you, here are the steps:

  • Ground yourself
  • Soften your forehead and the tension behind your eyes
  • Relax the tops of your shoulders
  • Breathe gratitude into every cell of your body
  • Brighten your field so you radiate more light
  • Allow the corners of your mouth to lift gently, without effort
  • Practice the mid-volume lift, take a deep breath in and let it go slowly

There it is. Holy cow, you are one gorgeous angel!

If the above steps don't help; repeat out loud (I use a southern accent for this but you don't have to);

"After all, tomorrow's another day!"

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Love & health,