The Most Important 5 Minutes Of The Day

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The neurons in your brain communicate through bursts of electrical activity. This activity sparks and fires all day long until you go to sleep at night. Notice the last waking five minutes of your day; you know, that moment you try to relax and settle down in your bed and close your beautiful eyes. As you stretch out in your zebra print sheets with red satin pillow cases, right before you drift off to sleep your brain activity switches from beta to alpha waves. As alpha waves begin to take over, you enter a more dream-like state as your body prepares for sleep.

When you’re in the pre-sleep alpha state, if stressing about finances, worrying about something you said, ruminating about an annoying colleague at work, or other low vibrational thoughts are running through your head; that mess will flow through your subconscious mind all night while you sleep! That’s eight hours or one-third of your life to marinate in problems. Upon rising, you’ve programmed your brain for more problems. When in reality the only problem that was worth your time was rethinking those zebra print sheets and those damn red satin pillowcases…

Take charge of your sleep and honor your circadian rhythm. You’re a grown-up and by now you should know what your optimum bedtime is. But knowing it and honoring it are two different things. You may like staying up until midnight but then, walking around zombie-like the next day is letting you know your body didn’t have enough recovery time. Sleep is when your body heals itself so make sure you’re allowing your body the chance. Set your bedtime to the hour that allows you to get enough rest. Commit to that time. Put the little girl (or guy) to bed on time each night. A sleep schedule is an underrated beauty secret that “energetic badasses” don’t mess with.

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Circa 1993, putting Sadie down for her nap. Apparently, I put both little girls down.

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