When Someone Asks Your Age What Do You Say?

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More than what you say, how do you feel when you say it?

My mother didn't like telling her age. When asked, she’d find a way not to respond. And later with a lilt in her voice, she'd say to me, "they don't need to know." To her, it wasn't something a lady would do. She wouldn't accept a senior citizen discount either; with the same soft tone in her voice, she’d mutter, "they can keep that." It always made me smile.

But that was fifty years ago.

With all my heart I hope we've grown past owning our number; the number of trips we've taken around the sun.

What an honor it is to have gained the wisdom that comes with a changing face.

So, settle into your chair, close your eyes, and I'll ask you; how old are you? Can you say it out loud, matter-of-factly, without emotion attached to it? I hope you can. You deserve to feel good about the time you’ve spent living your life, becoming more and more of yourself. Whether you’re 35 or 55, let’s normalize taking ownership of our precious time. The time of our lives.

Gawl dang it you’re beautiful!

Love & health,