Everyone needs eye cream, here's why

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One of the most delicate areas of the face and usually the first to show signs of aging is the under the eyes.

Below the eyes, the underlying muscles are delicate and the skin is thinner so stress, fatigue, and poor eating habits can show up as discoloration, puffiness, or crinkling skin. There are no oil glands in this area so it is often drier than the rest of your face.

Rough night's sleep? It shows in your eyes.

Eat too much salt? It shows in your eyes.

Allergies acting up? It shows in your eyes.

Lymph buildup from too much sitting? You guessed it...it shows in your....yeah.

I recommend under-eye cream for everyone past the age of 30 because; no matter what skin type, lifestyle choices, or stress levels you have--there's more to the application than what the product can do for you.

For example, under-eye cream provides hydration to delicate skin. If you don't have dry skin or don't need hydration from the cream, you may benefit from the application. When applied correctly, as we do in class every Tuesday, you are draining lymphatic fluid to help reduce puffiness. And if puffiness is not an issue--as you use this same technique you are supporting the muscle tone. Having good muscle tone around the eyes is everyone's goal. And there's still more; the deep breathing exercise we practice while applying eye cream reduces stress and anxiety which also affects everyone.

My point is: when it comes to eye cream, there's something for everyone!

A good eye cream is an essential part of your skincare routine. Whether you're helped by the product ingredients, the application procedure, or the intention of self-care, you have the potential to benefit in some or all of the ways listed below.

Benefits of applying under-eye cream:

  • Provides moisture
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • Preps the skin for makeup
  • Prevents fine lines
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Reduces swelling and puffiness
  • Constricts blood vessels for less discoloration
  • Has a calming effect, reduces stress

I'm a fan of eye cream. I have been for decades. Been testing products and brands, and keeping track of the market for 40+ years, since I was in my 20's. My face feels more toned and smooth when I use under-eye cream daily. It works when you work it.

Make it a part of your daily skincare routine. Don't overuse your product--most women do. Use a drop smaller than the size of a pea, and do both eyes with that amount. Breathe deeply. Soothe and smooth that area with your intention. You are magnificent.

Doesn't that feel nice? You are magnificent.

Love & health,
And yes this was written by me. Not some stupid AI app.
Judas Priest.

Why Body Goals Fails


I have met many women who felt they failed at achieving their goals for their health. They hoped for that ultimate state of fitness with a lean, strong body. They often explained to me they had difficulty staying with a program and maintaining their momentum. This is common, in fact, most women have experienced this. 95% of people say they feel like they failed to transform the way they had hoped.

We take in information visually and live in a world where for many women the extreme Kardashian-esque body type seems to be the norm. Many view it as the standard; thinking your waist is supposed to be tiny, buns are supposed to be perfectly round, lips overinflated and of course, boobs should be gigantic. But is this really how the body should be? Or has it become so common that we've simply accepted it as "the norm" without listening from within.

From my experience working with women for four decades; I can explain the three definitive reasons that I noticed WHY they feel this way. All three reasons are directly connected to the sixth energy center--the one between the ears.

1. Their body goals were unrealistic and did not apply to their body type.

They thought they had to look like what they thought was the desirable norm. They were caught up in what they'd seen in the media; on reality shows and Victoria's Secret runways. It can be a sick kind of torture trying to get your waistline to 24 inches--on a medium frame when your natural waist measurement is 30. It depletes self-esteem and is demoralizing. Expectations have to be realistic and appropriate.

2. They became discouraged when results didn't happen fast enough and lost motivation.

Wellness is a long game so commit to serving your future self. Allow yourself some grace knowing you are on the right path even if there's no change right now. Enjoy the practice of taking care of yourself for the sake of experiencing the nurturing you deserve.

3. They felt uncomfortable with a fitness lifestyle.

In each case where I noticed a woman feeling this way, they shared with me that it stemmed from how they were made to feel as a child; undeserving. But, the beauty of being a grown woman is that now we get to be in charge of our feelings. Tell the little girl that still lives within you that those feelings no longer exist. Let her know you are in charge now and you will never let her feel that way again. Parent yourself the way you've always needed. Support yourself with loving thoughts. And when you notice improvement, no matter how small--feel good about it! Breathe it in.

By knowing about these pit falls you can avoid them.

A woman's natural form is beautiful, even when it's not perfect it's still beautiful. Our culture has crossed a line. And that's not to say that we shouldn't look our best and take care of ourselves. I know first hand a good hair day and some makeup can elevate your spirit and I fully support that. Self-grooming is a type of self-love. My years as a makeup artist in Hollywood provided endless experiences showing me there's truth in the old adage "When you look good, you feel good".

The fact is, the physical state of the body depends on the subconscious mind. The subconscious controls 95% of the physical state of our bodies and the lives we create! The discovery of the true self and the willingness to live wholly in alignment with what we ultimately desire, allows us to be our authentic selves; or who we actually are.


In case you haven't heard it today, YOU are beautiful. So beautiful.