Your Face tells Your Story

Your face keeps a record of the moments of your life. Your self-esteem, mood, how much alcohol you drink, your eating, skincare and sleep habits, if you’re excited or annoyed, and much more. Your face is a beacon to the world of your message. whether you’re approachable, what you offer others, and how much influence you have. Essentially, most of what you are putting out into the world is right there radiating outward from your face!

Right now the world is an angry place. Whether it’s the message coming from the News media, social media, an exchange with an upset stranger filling his tank that you met at the gas pump, or getting tears in your eyes standing behind a single mother at the grocery store when you realize she’s a dollar short for her grocery bill. We all feel the injustice, we feel the anger as dense energy hovering over all of us.

Every face adds to the emotion of the collective. Right in between your eyebrows, if you stroke lightly in an upwards motion you’ll notice a small, tender muscle called the Corrugator. No matter what age you are; when you furrow your brow in anger, these little muscles crunch themselves together creasing the skin, causing forehead lines and wrinkles. These are the muscles that get first consideration when someone goes for injections hoping to keep lines out of their forehead. Get to know them, let the pads of your fingers rest right on top of them as you articulate your face. Notice what you feel, and how they move as you move your face. These lines are often called the “elevens.” You may have one, two, or even four verticle lines in this area. Whatever you have—they show the world warmth or anger.

As you catch yourself from time to time squinting or furrowing this area—your self-awareness will help you begin to control these muscles. You get to decide how they move. You get to choose what you radiate out of your face. As you do—you decide the face you show the world. And ultimately whether you’re adding to or releasing anger from the collective.

And if ever there was a super cool groovy cat who knew the secrets of making this world a better place… it’s you.

Gawl dang it, I dig your style and love that we practice together on Tuesdays!

Love & health,