Master Your Emotions: The Ultimate Key to Ageless Living

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From Overwhelm to Empowerment, A Personal Journey

I developed one skill that quite literally changed my life. Teaching this skill has catapulted my outreach from being a local wellness specialist to sharing viral content with millions of views worldwide, working privately with women around the globe, doing events, podcasts, and being quoted in published articles. I recently had a mention in one of the  biggest finance and business publications in the world. If you are concerned about living well and staying relevant over time, then read closely, because you'll also learn some of my best tips and tricks for developing this one skill.

This skill acts as a control lever for every part of you; your physical body and your biofield. It makes the feelings of balance, beauty, clarity, and youthfulness come to you with more ease, in fact effortlessly.
But if you asked me to rate myself on this skill when I was in my 40s? Wow, I would score myself pretty low. I was busy raising three sons and a daughter. It felt like high-speed motherhood, I had four kids in four different schools. Honestly, the stress and pressure I felt from having four different event calendars and four drop-off times became crushing anxiety. I was running as fast as I could, feeding a toddler, a pre-teen, and two teenagers. Football games, bedtimes, play dates--you know the drill--all while working in the entertainment industry and managing my wellness camp-- was changing me as a person. I was as tired as that run-on sentence.

But, it turned out to be my greatest teacher.

The Power of Awareness: Unlocking Your True Potential Wanting to heal my anxiety, I went down every rabbit hole, read piles of books, and spent hours in research combing over study after study. As a nutritionist, the studies I read were deep and complicated, I spent weeks on end in meditation, prayer, training, and journaling. I've earned my "10,000 hours" many times over and what I came to know is:

Awareness is our most valuable skill and ally.

Becoming aware of WHAT situations or events make us feel WHICH type of emotions we feel--and learning to tune into WHERE we store or carry that emotion in the body; gives us volumes of personal information about our individual health and wellbeing.
And if I were to break that down to the very bottom line in simple truths:

  1. We are each responsible for our own emotions; I cannot manage yours and you cannot manage mine.
  2. The emotions we feel on a daily basis are the exact precursors to the rate at which our bodies age.
  3. Emotion creates energetic resonance.
  4. Energy and emotion drive every experience of our lives. 

But, without awareness, we cannot feel or know the truth of what our bodies need. Our awareness connects us to our feelings, our energy balance, and to our bodies. It is the gateway to self-healing. It comes with other bonuses too! It also allows us to live in the moment where we find joy.

Embrace Your Inner Power: The Key to Ageless Living What we focus on creates the thoughts in our head. Thoughts drive the emotions we feel. And most of our thoughts are habits; they loop around as thoughts we have had before. If each thought was a new thought; we'd all be able to split the atom by the end of the day. If our thoughts are focused on wrinkles, pain, someone else's faults, feeling worn out, or how our slacks just don't seem to fit like they used to--this is the information your body receives and the body can only do what your mind tells it to'll get more and more of those things. And if I'm being as direct and clear as I can be, most of us are not thinking joyful, high-vibrational, good-feeling thoughts that relax the body and slow the aging process. We're too busy dealing with the habitual emotions we've been carrying...and still carry. We've all been through some "stuff".

And if I'm being more direct and even a bit harsh; when it comes to feelings about aging, here are the four different camps I notice:
Camp: I don't wanna know (avoidance)
Leave me alone. I just want to age naturally. I don't want to get all freaked out about invasive procedures, even talking about it upsets me.
Camp: Glamour-puss (fear of loss)
It's depressing to feel and look older, I'll do anything to look younger. How much will it cost, will it hurt? Bring it on.
Camp: Warrior Goddess (aiming for balance)
I will listen to the professionals I respect and trust, take in the information and intuitively decide what is right for me.
Camp: Screw it (overwhelm)
This is all way too stressful, too many choices. I'm out, I give up. I don't care if I look old.

No matter which category you may be in, each of these are driven by feeling. And the truth is:

You are responsible for the way you feel.

Choose Your Path: Navigating the Journey of Aging

But wait for the really good news! We used to think the dye was cast in the gene pool. If your mother aged badly; well, too bad, you probably would too. But let me give you some of the best news anyone could ever give you:

We now know that you can alter your own DNA. You can rewrite your genetic code with your lifestyle. Awareness leads to the adjustments that bring us back to balance.

The world is changing faster and faster and with that comes new mind-blowing advancements in stem cell production, nutrition, brain function, organ health, joint mobility, and every facet of human biology.

The most cutting-edge of these advancements is the knowledge that the emotions you feel on a regular basis have everything to do with your body's ability to renew itself or slow aging.

Your awareness is your superpower.
Through your awareness, you learn to speak the language of your body--the voice that doesn't use words. Understanding that language puts you in charge of your thoughts and behaviors; (which create) your feelings.

Elevate Your Emotions: Practical Exercises for Ageless Living
TRY THIS: Look around you from where you are sitting or standing right now. Let your eyes rest on something you appreciate. Study it closely. Then close your eyes, breathe in as deeply as you can and as you exhale slowly, relax your shoulders, belly, and face. Repeat this two more times focusing on a different thing you appreciate and as you exhale, relax other parts of your body.

You have just elevated your emotions and raised your vibration. You've also released brain chemicals that calm and soothe you. You can test that exercise by tuning in to how you feel after.

Feelings matter. 
Mastering your feelings is EVERYTHING

Join the Movement: Embrace Awareness, Embrace Life

If you haven't honed the skill of managing your emotions (and thus your aging process) by now...then who the heck is going to do it for you? Hint; scroll up and reread bullet point #3.
If you're still reading it's likely that you're open minded and not easily offended by my bluntness and that speaks well for your own emotional evolution. All day long the world shoves distractions at us that can prevent us from dialing into our own God-given superpower; awareness.
Sadly, not everyone can master being in charge of their emotions. But for everyone, no matter where you are on the path of your life...whether you're taking baby steps or deep lunges, it starts with awareness.

I'll see you soon.

All smiles for the photo, but 25 years ago I was struggling. This is my youngest of four, (he turns 30 this year) at the time I had teenagers too. The anxiety I felt taught me so much. Tried to find a pic with me and all four kids, apparently, I was too busy to take one.


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